The race will take place between the beach of La Garita (Arrieta), Las Cucharas (Costa Teguise), El Reducto (Arrecife) and Playa Grande (Puerto del Carmen). La Garita Beach will be the place of departure and the Playa Grande the goal. In Las Cucharas beach, there will be a flyer goal, which will host a stop control. All paddlers who do not come in the time of control established by the Organization since the arrival of the first will be excluded. On the beach there will be several tents for recovery, equipment  and medical care. Also speaker, music  and animation. From Las Cucharas beach we start the second point of the race and connect to Reducto beach, that will be the second flyer goal . At the second flyer goal (Reducto beach), all paddlers that do not enter on established time by the Organization will be excluded and can't go on to the last point of the race, Playa Grande.